Return Procedure

In case you have a defective item, the following decisions have to be made before you ship it to us:

- For the return of a defective driver (no warranty) we usually grant a discount of 20%. In some cases shipping costs might exceed this discount, therefore it will not make any sense to ship it back. Instead, we will send you a new discounted item if you supply a picture of the damaged unit and the serialnumber.

- Warranty cases have to be sent back to the factoy for clarification anyway.                                                          (please refer to our warranty conditions)

Please follow these steps, if you need to send a defective item back to us:

STEP 1: Print the return delivery note document. you will find under SERVICE > RETURN PROCEDURE

STEP 2: Fill in the required information. Please don´t forget your postal- and e-mail adress.                             The RMA number has the following form: [your customer ID] [date]. For example: 12345 120710

STEP 3: Attach the document to your return shipment and send it out with your peferred forwarder.

We advise you to always use insured shipments with trackable information. Within two days after reception, we will send a confirmation with a delivery date for the return shipment by e-mail. If you don´t get our e-mail in a timely manner, please contact your forwarder. 

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