Safety and Precautions by handling Accuton drivers:

Thank you for purchasing this matched pair of Thiel & Partner (ACCUTON) loudspeaker drivers. We would like you to have a lifetime of listening pleasure with these units. Please read this short leaflet and follow these basic rules:

  1. Inspect the units carefully for any damage. Should you notice any oddities, please contact your dealer and the shipping company immediately, you might otherwise lose your warranty pretensions.
  2. The ceramic membrane itself may have some irregularities like small spots, dents or colorations. You might also see traces of glue between membrane and surround. This is normal and caused by the sophisticated production process. It does not affect the sonic performance.
  3. Be careful touching the membrane. The material is best described as opalescent sapphire, it is extremely hard and brittle, also very thin. If you hit it with something hard or if you apply too much pressure, it may crack.
  4. Never lift the bass or midrange units using only one hand. People tend to underestimate the weight of the unit, the driver may flip down on one side and the fingers of the lifting hand may crack the membrane.This is one of the major reasons for cracked cones!
  5. If you are using a PC-based measuring system or any kind of active electronics to set up your system, ALWAYS use a serial coupling capacitor for driver protection (except for bass units). Make sure to disconnect the device BEFORE switching off the amplifier or computer. Alternatively, always turn off the amplifier first. 
  6. Do not exceed the specifications of the drivers. These are given in detail on the driver pages of our website together with drawings, simulations and application notes. Within these specs and driven by a clean, undistorted music signal, you will not be able to destroy the loudspeakers.
  7. These drivers are brand new and they need quite a bit of burn-in time, typically 8-12 weeks. You will notice a significant and steady improvement of sonic quality during this time.
  8. In case of problems, please contact your dealer or distributor first.

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