Website Manual

Some short instructions to help you to get out the most from our new website. 

The Menue:

The main menue is Ajax based with two levels of submenues. Just move the mouse over the area of interest and the tab submenue below will change it’s content. Once you see what you like, move the mouse cursor downwards to avoid accidentially catching another submenue. Moving the mouse onto the tab submenue will eventually open another pull down menue. Just click onto your area of interest.

Teaser boxes:

On the start page at the bottom and many other pages at the left side you will find dark blue teaser boxes that direct you instantly to certain areas of interest, shortcutting the menues. 

Driver menue:

Clicking the drivers menue page will show you ALL drivers we produce. By clicking the appropriate tab submenue, you can restrict this to a certain membrane material. The pull down menue will make a further restriction to the desired application.

Driver Selection

There is also another way - our new "driver selector" that opens 4 different selection criteria: 1. domematerial; 2. application; 3. outer diameter; 4. sensitivity. The last 2 choices show a range that can be restricted by pulling in the right or left (or both) margins with you mouse (left click and pull). All changes you apply will filter your choice of drivers in real time. Making the right choices will show you the drivers (and only those) that meet your requirements. At the right end of the selected drivers shows a checkbox "add driversheets". By hooking here you will generate at the left side a ZIP file compilation of all checked driver PDF that you can instantly download and save for printing or offline work. 

Clicking on the picture or the driver number opens the detailed driver webpage with all online information:

Driver Detail

Apart from the info of the driver selection you will see 4 important links that supply more in depth information in a new window:

  1. the PDF datasheet (the same you can download by checking the "add datasheet" box) gives all important driver information in two easily printable pages.
  2. PDF dimensions contains a large drawing with dimensions.
  3. The 3D-PDF is a unique Accuton feature that will enable you to watch the unit from all directions. Just grab one corner with your left mouse button and pull. Be patient, some files are large.
  4. Hi-res picture contains a ZIP file with what it says. These files are very large and for customers that like to use these pics for their own website or catalogue.

The rest of our website is more or less self explanatory, don’t miss 2 more important pages:


The submenue "driver data" shows a matrix of downloadable files, related to each single driver; clicking the driver number will lead you to the original driver site.


This page offers several ways to get in contact with us, writing, emailing or calling directly, filling our contact form or subscribing to our regular newsletter (highly recommended). 

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