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ceramic drivers - carefully made in Germany by Thiel & Partner GmbH, D-50259 Pulheim
item number: #C79-A6/38/9.2/1-4F102/32-T96

Ceramic midrange Accuton C²79-6 Frontface
Midrange driver with 90 mm light weight concave ceramic dome and ferrofluid damping. Recommended as midrange for high quality 3- or 4-way systems. Very high resolution and very good dispersion up to 5 kHz. Low resonance frequency allows first order filtering from 200 to 4000 Hz.

The ultra hard ceramic dome material moves like a piston well above the audible frequency band and the high internal sound velocity features very low distortion and virtually no coloration. Ceramic midrange Accuton C²79-6 sideview

recommended frequency range: 200 Hz - 4 kHz
recommended enclosure: 1.5 - 4 l closed box

Thiele/Small Parameters:
Sensitivity E 88.5 dB
DC-resistance R 5.8 Ohm
resonance frequency fres 96 Hz
Equivalent volume of air Vas 3.1 l
mechanical Q Qms 0.96  
electrical Q Qes 1.07  
total Q Qts 0.51  
effective piston area S 75.5 cm²
moving mass Mms 7.2 g
Suspension Compliance Cms 0.39 mm/N
mechanical reststance Rms 4.45 kg/s-1
Voice coil / Magnet Data:
Power Handling, filtered P 100 Watt
Voice coil diameter D 37.7 mm
Voice coil former   Al  
Voice coil height h 9.2 mm
Number of layers   1  
Voice coil inductance Lbm 0.27 mH
pole plate thickness   4.0 mm
linear excursion Xmax ±2.6 mm
Flux density B 1.2 T
Force factor BL 4.96 NA-1
Ferrofluid filling   yes  

waterfall diagram ACCUTON C²79-6
Spectral decay (waterfall) plot with Z-axis in periods. Signal is 6 Volt cosine burst with a length of 5 perids.
Some irregularities at 300 Hz and 900 Hz due to reflections in the measuring room

Mechanical Dimensions:
Outer Dimensions 130 x 130 mm
Cutout Dimensions 116 x 116 mm
Frontplate Thickness 6,5 mm
Overall Depth 75 mm
Mounting hole diameter 5.0 mm
Mounting hole distance 116 x 116 mm
Frontplate corner radius 7.0 mm
Cutout hole corner radius 33 mm
Shipping information:
net weight / piece 1800 g
gross weight / pair 3800 g
box size / pair 29 x 9.5 x 14 cm
quantity shipping unit 18 pcs
weight shipping unit 35.5 kg
size shipping unit 45 x 30 x 31 cm
shipping box carton  
Click below for more technical information: 
» C²79-6 ATB measurements - 17 KByte 
opens a PDF file with ATB measurements of amplitude, on axis and 30 degrees, impedance, step response, K2 and K3 distortion. Measurements made by Bernhard Thiel with IEC norm baffle. You will need Adobe Acrobat 4.0 to view this file.
» C²79-6 MLSSA measurements - 24 KByte 
opens new page with MLSSA measurements made by Dipl.Ing. Bernd Timmermanns, former chief editor of "Klang & Ton", now chief editor of "Hobby Hifi", the German speaker builder magazine. Measurements include amplitude (SPL), impedance, step response and spectral decay plot (waterfall diagram).
» C²79-6 technical drawing - PDF-43 KByte 
opens a PDF file with technical drawing of this driver. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 to view this file.
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