Driver Data

This site contains a comprehensive compilation of all Accuton data available:

  • click on the driver name and you will arrive at the individual driver website
  • the PDF datasheet contains all important information including 2D drawings, pictures, data and measurements in 2 printable pages. File size is some 2 MB.
  • the Dimensions page opens with a large 2D drawing with all important mechanical dimensions.
  • the 3D PDF is a unique Accuton feature. You will not find it on any other loudspeaker website. Opening this page will show you a three dimensional drawing of the unit that you can turn and watch in any direction. Just grab one corner of the drawing with your mouse (left button) and pull to the desired direction. Eventually you have to click on the 4 point star in the upper left corner first. Please be aware that these files have around 15 MB, so give it some time to load.
  • The ZIP file contains one or more high resolution pics of this driver for your personal use.

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