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2015, April 22th

HIGH-END 2015 - See us at the show - please make appointments!

Thiel & Partner GmbH will be on the High-End Show in Munich, presenting accuton´s new DSP technology. We will also present a new, larger cell midrange as well as our brand new DSP solution.

The photo shows our brand new DSP board. Our DSP solution will be available now, delivering true HD-Audio performance with a world premier feature of the DSP samplerate being 192 or 176.4 kHz. Contact us for details.

Our CEO Adrian Bankewitz and our product manager Dirk Vaehsen will be available at High-End Show 2014 from 14th to 17th of May 2015. If you like to make an appointment, please give us a call:

(+49-163-4266637) or send an email (

We will be happy to meet you in Munich and discuss your speaker project...

2014, May 23th

accuton DSP and CELL bass drivers

We proudly present our new CELL concept bass drivers and our first electronic product supporting your active speaker project. Similar to our drivers, we carefully focused on high sound quality.

The upper photo shows our brand new DSP board.

Our DSP solution will be available soon, delivering true HD-Audio performance with a world premier feature of the DSP samplerate being 192 or 176.4 kHz, get more info here:


Please contact us for further details.


The picture below is the new CELL AS250 with grey membrane (optional) and the third picture shows our new CELL AS190. Both bass drivers AS190 and AS250 are now available. They are designed to give you deep and precise bass with fairly small box volume AND feature acoustic centres ahead of the speaker baffle to allow seamless time alignment, see more info here:

AS190-9-252: Zur Driver Detailseite



Datasheet DSP192-4-111.pdf
2012, January 4th

CELL concept drivers

Right at the beginning of 2012, Accuton proudly presents a new generation of loudspeaker drivers.

In the history of loudspeaker drivers, only minor modifications to the traditional speaker construction have been brought to the market. Our proprietary driver concept shows revolutionary features that will bring new life to the world of high-end audio.

Our new driver series will be promoted as CELL concept drivers, characterized by the following main features:

- Same acoustic center for tweeters and midranges for time coherency in a flat front

- Perfect signal settle and piston behavior of the dome even close to the dome resonance

- Acoustically decoupled clamping mechanism providing fast and easy assembly into a circular hole

- Small outer diameter

- Very low distortion - in the magnitude of electronic devices - even at high power levels

- Steady decay of higher order harmonics

- High bandwith


For more information about the available CELL concept drivers, you may use the links below:




New diamond dome tweeters BD25-6-258 and BD30-6-458 will be available soon.

Please check our website frequently for new information.

CELL concept.pdf
2011, December 13th

CES Show 2012 in Las Vegas
See Accuton's latest developments...

Our CEO Adrian Bankewitz and our product manager Dirk Vaehsen will be available at CES 2012 from 7th to 13th of January 2012. If you like to make an appointment please give us a call:

(+49-163-4266637) or send an email (

We will be happy to meet you in Las Vegas and discuss your speaker project....

2011, Juli 28th

Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 2011

Meet our product manager Dirk Vaehsen at the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show 2011.

From the 5th - 7th of August 2011 you are welcomed to get in touch with our latest designs and concepts for the future in High-End Audio.

Please make contact by email: or phone: +49 (0)160 97937635.

2011, June 23th

Neodymium prices rocket skyhigh

Prices for Neodymium in China have quadrupled from the beginning of this year to mid of June 2011 and an end of this rally cannot be anticipated. Since China today supplies about 97 % percent of rare earth metals to the world, there is no other source in sight. Here is a recent chart from


Development of Neo pricing 2011


Quoted from the webpage of

"Plans by China to start stockpiling rare earths and further curtail exports will severely impact the neodymium permanent magnet industry outside of the country, according to market participants."

"China currently produces about 96.8% of the world’s total estimated output of rare earths and is the world's largest consumer of rare earths, accounting for about 60% of demand."

"Sources said that if the stockpile is created, rare earth exports might be reduced and prices would move higher."

So what is Accuton doing to overcome this situation?

We have started to design new magnet systems for our drivers with the big 120mm Neodymium magnet with the special target of cost reduction. These will be of course new drivers with different TS parameters but we will try to come as close as possible. For those who need the high output of the 120mm Neo system, there will be no other way as to swallow the increased pricing for now. All others may look forward to some new designs coming up....

 N53 Magnetsystem promo




2010, November 8th

Accuton company report from Mathias Boede in STEREO 12-2010

A comprehensive report about the ACCUTON company and an interview with CEO Adrian Bankewitz about driver design and the advantages of diamond and ceramic speaker cones (in german language).

2010, September 28th


Our drivers C173-6-090, C173-6-096, C220-6-222 and S220-6-222 are now equipped with an improved magnet system. Originally developed for our S280 bass drivers, we found that it was a perfect fit as well for the mentioned drivers.

The advantages of our new neo motor, compared to the previous version:

  • Nearly perfect linearity of the static B-Curve
  • higher airgap leads to more linear excursion and less dynamic compression
  • improvement of airflow provides less mechanical losses and better cooling

The change from the old to the new motor system provides our drivers with improved linearity thus reduced IMD and THD values plus higher linear excursion. There is no center hole in the pole piece anymore - it is replaced by additional holes in the voice coil former.This has the big advantage of cooling the former effectively, and the air does not have to pass a long resonant channel through the pole piece.

All design parameters of the drivers will remain  -  frequency response, Thiele / Small parameters and  sensitivity. There will be no need to redesign the crossover. Also no change in pricing despite the improvements.

Read more about the new magnet system and the underhung principle in general in the attached brochure:

New Neodymium motor system.pdf
2010, May 5th

A new 11" bass driver is finished!
The Accuton S280-6-282 comes with some unique design concepts

More than 2 years ago we started thinking about making a new and better bass unit that would excel everything else of this range on the market. Here are some of the key features:

We started with the basket design, eliminating any compression effects and resonance characteristics of the basket itself. We used multiple, slightly bent spokes with 4 different curvatures to provide just this. The backside of the dome is 100% vented and as a nice benefit offering improved safe handling of the unit. Look at our first picture here.

Within the reasonable working range, the motor system should be extremely linear. This can be achieved with a thick top plate and a quasi-symmetric underhung geometry plus a low inductance voice coil, unfortunately imposing the need for lots of steel and neodymium. The FE simulation in picture 2 shows the extremely linear flux profile within the gap.

The force of the voice coil must be transferred to the dome with maximum accuracy, which implies the need for a voice coil former with high internal speed of sound and special stiffness. As aluminum would add severe eddy currents to the system, titanium is the material of choice here.

For the membrane, we used our recently invented sandwich cone, a structure that is extremely stiff in the middle section where the voice coil is attached and equipped with a higher damping section at the outer rim, exactly where it is needed. 

The entirely new designed high excursion surround is higher than wide and provides a piston area that is up to 20% larger as comparable bass units. It combines a large mechanical excursion limit with a unique narrow shape and very low distortion.

Get more detailed specs of our S280-6-282 on our website... 

2010, May 4th

New 6 inch bass-midrange C158-8-085

We wanted to create a bass-midrange driver for very compact two-way and - by the use of several units - slim three-way systems. So the C158-8-085 is a six inch bass-midrange that offers some remarkable features. We made it with the small 25mm voice coil of our C153- series but it has almost the membrane area of our C173- systems, which makes it superiour in several ways. 

We designed a unique suspension system to give it a high excursion capability with very low distortion. An egg shaped soft rubber surround allows huge displacement without dragging the dome, supported by a new spider. It is made of "Bimax" tissue to an advanced geometry, expanding the excursion limits to uncommon values as can be seen in the first picture. As we tried to determine the excursion limits of these units, we eventually burnt the voice coil but we never killed the ceramic cones.

The motor comes - first time with Accuton - as a hybrid system with both a ferrite and neodymium magnet, working in cooperation to achieve linearized BL(x) - and Inductance(x)-curves. This will guarrantee a clear and undistorted midrange quality even at high bass loads. 

Stored energy was minimized by different means: we employed multiple venting techniques at the basket and the VC-former to avoid any compression effects and so could avoid the use of a vent hole in the yoke. A small titanium voice coil former with a light weight VC takes very little mechanical and electromagnetical energy out of the system, ensuring an open and dynamic response. 

For more information and support, please visit the C158-8-085 on our website.

2009, December 21th

The Sandwich Dome
- An entirely new membrane material from Accuton

With CVD diamond and alpha corundum ceramics we have already two of the very best membrane materials on earth, so why search for a new one?

Let's summarize it: CVD diamond is definitely the best material available. It's stiffness to weight ratio is unsurpassed, the internal sound velocity unrivaled. However, until today, we can only make tweeter and small midrange units, cost and serious technical problems prevent the manufacturing of larger cones. It is quite similar with ceramic domes, these are second to and almost as good as diamond (still better than anything else exept diamond) but also restricted in size. The largest dome we can feasibly produce is a 160mm dome for the C220 series.

Doing research for larger bass cones we found some interesting results. Laser scans of moving membranes taught us that the voice coil area is the most critical and deformation is strongest here while the outer area is fairly stable (this is however only valid for concave domes like we build, not for different membrane shapes). So we took a special, exclusively made for us, white honeycomb membrane and doubled it up with a fitting, asymmetrically shaped ceramic dome (to put one and a half year of tedious research into one sentence). Let's look at the benefits:

  • Large cones (up to 15 inch basses) are economically producible
  • Stiffness in the VC area is even better as with a pure ceramic cone
  • Outer area has very high damping factor, the unit is easily usable with a first order passive filter
  • The ceramic part of the dome has an asymmetrical (Wankel) shape, killing resonances
  • The cone is indestructible, even at severe overload (remember, you can still burn the voice coil !) 

Bandwith and resolution is almost but however not as good as with a ceramic cone but this, after all, is not so important for a pure bass unit. Get more info about the family of Sandwich cone units here.....

2009, December 18th

Accuton launches it's new website

Since our old website had more than 10 years of service, we decided to open a new chapter and realize a  website with more modern and stylish design, a faster and easy to understand navigation and a much more comprehensive content.  The site is entirely programmed in PHP and based on an extensive CMS (content management system) that enables us to make updates and additions as easy as writing an email.

We have also updated and corrected all driver measurements, taking an average production unit of every model, burning it in for 100 hours and then measuring all data and specs with our new Klippel system. To help you find the driver that fits best to your project, we implemented a driver selection menue that will filter out all units not matching your personal selection. You can then compare all driver specs online, print a 2 page PDF with all important info, print a drawing with dimensions and even download a 3 dimensional PDF that enables you to watch the single driver from all directions, an absolutely unique Accuton feature. To check out all possbilities, have a look at our website manual here.....

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome, we made this website for YOU!

Do not forget to subscribe to our regular newsletter here.......»

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