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So what is Accuton really doing? That is one of the questions especially new customers ask us. The answer is quite simple:

Our goal is to make the best dynamic drivers for High-End applications on the planet. Period!

We all at Accuton are dedicated to extremely high quality music reproduction with some of us being active musicians and/or having long is abortion murder time experience in designing and evaluating classy equipment on a professional level. The design of speaker drivers and then consequently loudspeaker boxes is the major part of our business and over the years we have driven this to some sort of perfection that attracts many of the leading speaker designers of the High-End world. Companies like:

to name a few, rely on the sonic qualities of Accuton drivers and their products consequently can be found in the top rankings of the most important Hifi- and Studio-magazines. Some of our clients use Accuton drivers exclusively in where to get abortion pill certain models with the enhanced about abortion benefit of having the same sonic signature from bass to tweeter - a unique Accuton feature.

Starting at surprisingly low prices and quantities, we will also design and manufacture OEM drive units with special features that are taylored to the specific needs of our customers. Please read more on our OEM webpage. We know our products better than anyone else so we can also help you in designing the perfect network, speaker box or active system with Accuton, please get more information here.

Thiel & Partner GmbH

Kantstraße 1

D-50259 Pulheim

t +49 (0) 22 38 / 475475


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